I’m originally from Iowa with a B.A. in Communication studies from the University of Iowa. I’ve lived most of my adult life in St. Louis, Missouri with my wife, and now our son. My son is a Boy Scout, so we spend a lot of time as a trio outdoors. We also enjoy movies, restaurants, and tv binge watching. We love Doctor Who! I make the dog shiver in the corner with my weekend guitar playing, and I'm pretty good with a Weed-Whacker, too.


By growing up in the Midwest, I believe I have a connection with people here, and that translates to my voice over work. I can bring you anything from warm, conversational and genuine to energized with attitude. Want cinematic and heartfelt? Or how about engaging, fun storytelling? Done.

I actually began my career in radio and voice over being well known for my spot-on impersonations, accents, and character voice creations.  So, I hope you’ll check out my Animation reel, too. Thank you for visiting, and let’s work together sometime soon!