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I’m originally from Iowa with a B.A. in Communication studies from the University of Iowa. I’ve lived most of my adult life in St. Louis, Missouri with my wife, and now our son. My son is a Boy Scout, so we spend a lot of time as a trio outdoors. We also enjoy movies, live music, restaurants, and tv binge watching. We love Doctor Who! I make the dog shiver in the corner with my weekend guitar playing, and I'm pretty good with a Weed-Whacker, too.


By growing up in the Midwest, I have a strong connection with the people here, and that comes through with a genuine quality to my voice work. Reinforced by the best coaching, I'm skilled at digging within' to tap into the passion to deliver an authentic message and emotion to just the right person.

I may be authentic, but actually began my career in radio and voice over being well known for my spot-on impersonations, accents, and character voice creations.  So, I hope you’ll check out my Animation reel, too. Thank you for visiting, and let’s work together sometime soon!

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